Art Graf Builders was established in 1971 by Arthur Phillip Graf.  Art came up through the ranks of Akron Hower Trade School, and worked for many years as a carpenter.  Working in the trades, he met Jim Mitchell and John Chester, and the three decided to start their own business.  The three worked together until 1971, when Art started Art Graf Builders. 

Art's two sons, Todd and Dan, began working for their father in the early 1980’s.  Art had several skilled carpenters working for him at that time, and the boys were taught carpentry from the ground up. Surrounded by skilled tradesman, Todd and Dan learned the inner workings of the building trades, hands-on.   Art Graf Builders had gained a reputation for quality and honesty, because Art had started the business on the foundation of good carpenters and quality subcontractors. 


The business was successful and in 1993, Art and his two sons became incorporated.  Over time, Todd and Dan took on more leadership responsibilities, and the business was passed on to them.  Art Graf officially retired in 2002, although he continued to work closely with his boys until his passing on April 1, 2008. 

Although Art is no longer with us, Art Graf Builders Inc. continues to strive for customer satisfaction.  We feel that through integrity, quality workmanship, and good management, we can continue to build high quality homes at a fair price.